EPIC CREATIVE SOLUTIONS is a custom entertainment company with a diverse portfolio of stage productions, attractions and theatrical environmental programming.

The creative team of producers, designers, directors and choreographers at EPIC CREATIVE SOLUTIONS is comprised of outstanding leaders in the theatrical design and entertainment production industry. Award winning productions have been created and produced by the EPIC team for a variety of casinos, cruise ships, nightclub venues, celebrity shows and appearances, theme parks and large scale global special events.

The creative team at Epic Creative Solutions are credited with an extraordinary history of variety entertainment programming that include “Imagine” (Las Vegas), “The Price Is Right Live” (Caesars Entertainment), “Spellbound” (national & international productions), “Whisper”(Reno), “Earl Turner (New Orleans) Show In The Sky” (Las Vegas), Celebrity Cruises Production Shows, “Masquerade” (New Orleans, Las Vegas), “Bevertainment” (Las Vegas), World Cup Champion Figure Skating Tours (national).

Epic Creative Solutions provides world class entertainment and production attractions that are… EPIC!